Chicago's Chris Crack and his collaborators in New Deal Crew haven't generated as much attention as some of the city's up-and-comers, but at least a few people are listening: MC/producer Tree, for instance, has pinpointed Chris Crack as the city's next artist to watch (not a recommendation to take lightly given the fact Tree's last pick was Chance the Rapper).

#FREESWAG TOO: Fxck The Judge is the second installment in Crack's #FREESWAG series, and it presents the rapper as equal parts absurd, crass and thoughtful. The opening salvo of "Crackaveli in this bitch/I'll see you at the tip-top/A J Cole feature that's equivalent to shit sauce" paired with ominous minor-key production feels a little reminiscent of Odd Future, and asides about topics like peanut butter and ketchup sandwiches channel a similar wackiness. Crucial for any rap pun connoisseurs, there's a song called "Trill Bellamy." Elsewhere it's more straightforward life stuff ("I'm pushing my daddy to get his life straight"), but every bit of it's arresting.

The production, handled mostly by fellow New Deal Crew member TMTHY TRTL, is full of jarring, minimal instrumentation. Guests include New Deal Crew associates The Dutchmaster and Black Matt, as well as a production turn from Tye Hill. This is silly, fun, serious and unique—all essential qualities for exciting new hip-hop.

Check out the full stream below:

[via FSD]

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