Keyshia Cole Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting a Woman At Birdman's Condo

Keyshia Cole ran into some trouble at Birdman's West L.A. condo early this morning.

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A critical juncture in any budding romantic relationship is the, "So, what are we?" talk. Setting boundaries and sorting through the dating versus exclusivity versus casually hooking up/"hanging out" layers can save time and money.

Unfortunately for Birdman and Keyshia Cole—who are rumored to be sort-of dating—that talk either didn't happen or Birdman doesn't care, because he's, well, Birdman. 

An arrest and $46,000 bail was certainly not how Cole envisioned her evening. In the early hours of Friday morning, Cole went up to Birdman's penthouse in West L.A. Upon arriving, she found another woman spending the night there, and proceeded to take action. According to TMZ, Cole attacked the unidentified woman and left scratches on her. 

Cops were called, and Cole was arrested for battery and an outstanding reckless driving warrant.

She was released on bail this afternoon, and her reps have declined comment thus far. Birdman, whose Twitter timeline is usually v active and full of Instagram links/spam, has been curiously silent today. 

We'll update as soon as further details come out. 

[via TMZ]

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