Of Course Obama Is the Most Name-Dropped POTUS in Music

He's also the most loved.

President Barack Obama at the Napoleons 2018.

Image via Getty Images Europe

President Barack Obama at the Napoleons 2018.

In honor of President’s Day, LyricFind calculated the frequency with which U.S. Presidents were mentioned in songs. Naturally, Barack Obama took the top slot with 309 mentions. Donald Trump did make the list, but the mentions weren’t qualitatively distinguished, which is to say the name-dropping can come attached to disses.

Jimmy Carter came in sixth with 17 mentions, while No. 45 slid into fifth place with 33 mentions. Interestingly, nearly half his mentions were prior to the election. The title of Mac Miller’s 2011 breakout hit “Donald Trump,” didn’t age particularly well.

Ronald Reagan came in fourth place with 59 mentions, and as Billboard notes, the Republican president wasn’t particularly loved by the music community. Former president and sometime-saxophonist Bill Clinton and placed third, scoring 105 mentions. 

Coming in second place is George W. Bush with 116 mentions. Like Reagan, hip-hop wasn't particularly fond of him. Obama outranks him with nearly three times the number of mentions. His cameos are notably more complimentary, not that any of us are surprised. I'm still shook over his Al Green cover.

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