Cardi B Teases New Project Dropping This Fall

In an Instagram Live video, the new mom says fans will have a bunch of work to look forward to in the coming months, including the "Ring" music video with Kehlani, features with other artists, and a mysterious new project.

When Cardi B is at her peak, she works harder and longer than lots of other people in the game. In the past few months, she has taken a step back for a very good reason: the birth of her daughter Kulture earlier this month. She’s recently announced that she will not tour with Bruno Mars on his 24K Magic World Tour because her body isn’t ready and she wouldn’t be able to take her baby with her. But she’s not about to stop doing what she does best. In a new Instagram live video recorded by HipHopNMore, Cardi B teased a few nuggets of information that will keep fans excited. The most important of these announcements is that the Bronx native has “a project coming out in the fall.” 

In the video, Cardi reveals she’s already recorded the music video to her Invasion of Privacy song “Ring” with Kehlani (when she was five months pregnant, mind you), which will drop sometime in August to “hold you guys down.” She’s also done some features, though their release depends on the artists she worked with and she has no concrete information on that end. 

The most exciting revelation, that she has an upcoming project, is also the one she glossed over the fastest, although it doesn't necessarily have to be music. Cardi inked her first movie deal last deal, with word that filming was scheduled to start this past March. Still, everything else she talks about in this clip is music, leading us to assume it's an album or mixtape being teased.

Let’s remember Cardi has done this before. At Made in America Festival last September, she told the crowd her album was the next month. Of course, it was not until April that we finally got Invasion of Privacy, though she explained in subsequent interviews that she simply hadn’t understood the impact of a full-length album and how it differs from mixtapes. “Next thing you know, it’s already December, and I don’t really have songs that I think are worthy for the album, because I’m so busy chasing a bag because I’m getting offers of money that I never got offered before,” she said. She then chose to take time out to create a cohesive body of work, which paid off when her album debuted at No. 1.

It appears she’s going to have to be similarly patient this time around, albeit for different reasons. “I’m gonna work, my life’s not over,” she said during her Instagram Live, referring to her upcoming schedule. “I just have to take my time to do certain things because my body really can’t take it. My doctor was like, 'Yo, you need to sit down because you’ll go cuckoo.’”

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