It appears KXNG Crooked wants his money.

The Long Beach native caused a mild stir on Friday after suggesting he was still awaiting payment from Death Row Records. Crooked made the claim in response to a Snoop Dogg tweet about the label’s catalog returning to Apple Music. Snoop, who acquired Death Row more than a year ago, shared a screenshot of the various projects that had returned to the platforming including the soundtrack to DysFunktional Family—a 2003 stand-up comedy film from Eddie Griffin.

“I see the DysFunktional Family soundtrack I’m owed six figures for hmmm,” Crooked wrote.

The album spanned 17 tracks, most of which were credited to Crooked, who signed to Death Row in the late 1990s. He opened up about his time at the label during 2012 interview with AllHipHop, claiming he was promised $1 million for a full-length project.

“I was watching [Eddie Griffin’s] Dysfunktional Family the other day, and I had nine songs on that soundtrack,” he said. “It took me back listening to those old songs again. That was like in 2003. But I’m looking to the future.”

He continued: “There is no real Death Row Records anymore. Once Suge was removed from the picture, there was no Death Row. You can’t be Death Row without Suge. My terms were to have me do a brand new album for a $1 million. They gave me the run around, and I told them I was cool.”

Shortly after sharing the “six figure” tweet, fans asked Crooked if he regretted signing to Death Row, which he officially left in 2004.

“Nah, not really,” he responded, before being asked if he could see himself returning to the label. “I have too many demands … they’ll laugh me out the door! Lol.”

Though he may have some unfinished business with Death Row, Crooked insisted he was pleased with Snoop’s new role.

“I’m glad Snoop owns DR!” he tweeted. “If there’s a conversation [to] be had about my old music, I’d much rather have it with him!”

Crooked has not provided any more details about his “six figure” claim, and Snoop has yet to respond.