Watch So Loki's "Elephant Man" Music Video Now

The Vancouver rap duo's latest was directed by Jevan Crittenden and Steve Kim.

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If you've feeling a little down in the dumps about summer's end, you're in luck because Vancouver's So Loki are back with yet another entertaining af music video that will lift your spirits, if only for 2 minutes and 42 seconds. Surely you'll remember the visuals "Spensive" and "Athlete's World", and now Sam and Geoff are back with "Elephant Man."

The track has been the most successful off the Planet Bando EP that was released earlier this year, and actually just passed half a million plays on Spotify so the duo has released the video as a celebration. The visuals were directed by Jevan Crittenden and Steve Kim, and are quintessential So Loki from start (a bank robbery) to finish (one word—pyromania). 

It's been a busy year for So Loki in between releases, tours and videos, and the duo are showing no sign of slowing with a merch collab with clothing brand OBEY just around the corner, so be sure to keep an eye on these two. Watch the video for “Elephant Man” above and if you haven't yet, you can stream Planet Bando EP here.

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