Taxstone Found Guilty of Manslaughter in 2016 Irving Plaza Shooting

A jury has found Taxstone guilty in the fatal shooting of Ronald "Banga" McPhatter, bodyguard of Troy Ave, who was also shot in the 2016 Irving Plaza incident.

Taxstone has been found guilty of manslaughter in the fatal shooting of Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, bodyguard of Troy Ave, who was one of three people shot during an altercation inside Irving Plaza in 2016. 

“Daryl Campbell was convicted of killing a man and shooting three others during a tragic and deadly confrontation in a packed New York City music venue,” District Attorney Alvin Bragg said in a statement, obtained by Pitchfork. “In addition to seriously injuring his rival and killing his rival’s bodyguard, Mr. Campbell shot innocent bystanders and put hundreds of other lives at risk. We will vigorously prosecute anyone who commits this type of deadly violence.”

Reporter and author Shawn Setaro shared the news of Taxstone’s conviction, along with an explanation of the difference between a murder and manslaughter charge. 

Basically the difference is: for murder, the intent needed to be to cause death. For manslaughter, the intent needed to be to cause serious physical injury.

Setaro reports the manslaughter charge was added by the state just before deliberations got underway, and would only be considered if the jury found Taxstone not guilty of murder in the second degree. 

Full list for everyone who’s interested in all the details. Note that I misspelled the other victims’ names below - it’s actually “Maggie Heckstall” and “Christopher Vinson.”

Troy Ave, who delivered his account of the alleged struggle with rival Taxstone over the gun that was used to kill Banga, has yet to publicly respond to the conviction. T.I. was billed as the headliner at Irving Plaza on the night of the shooting.

Taxstone is set to be sentenced on April 19.

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