Slim of 112 on Meeting With Kanye West: 'He's in a Real Good Place'

Slim spoke about the R&B group's recent meeting with Kanye West.

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On Monday, Slim of 112 appeared on TMZ Live and discussed what happened when the R&B group recently spent some time with Kanye West.

"We talked about a lot of things. There was a situation that's going on spiritually that he's involved himself in as far as church going on," he said. "It was kind of like the way I was raised. I was raised non-denominational. You could take music that's going on right now and you change it and you put, you know, the Lord, Jesus, you know, make it Christian. And it kind of draws the youth to church."

On Saturday, Kim Kardashian posted video of a surprise performance of "Cupid" by 112 over FaceTime, courtesy of her husband Kanye. TMZreports that the meeting between the two parties was rooted in plans to collaborate on new music. Slim appears to suggest in his aforementioned remarks on TMZ Live that West could be headed towards creating music that incorporates gospel themes. 

Ummmm so this happened tonight!!!! #112

Earlier this month, Mr. West started "Sunday Service," an event that features a gospel choir element that is synonymous with the church. 'Ye has used this series as a way of showcasing his catalog in a different format. This past Sunday, Kanye debuted "We'll Find A Way," a track which leans heavily into the gospel vibes that Slim was talking about. Only time will tell if the track, or any songs featuring 112 make it to Yandhi

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