Lil Pump Sees Nothing Wrong With Smoking While Pumping Gas

Lil Pump is going to pump gas however he wants.

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It’s an exaggerated example, but someone should show Lil Pump that scene from Zoolander where he and his model friends decided to have some fun at the gas station. Pump isn’t going as far as the models did, pouring gasoline on one another, but it shows the peril that can come from having anything lit around gas.

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Last week, Lil Pump shared a video of himself smoking a blunt while filling up his car. "Lil Pump smoking with lil pump equals lil pump," he jokingly says in the clip, completely oblivious to just how dangerous this little bit can be for himself and potentially everyone else at the gas station.

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TMZ recently caught up with Lil Pump as he was leaving Hyde nightclub in Los Angeles to discuss his dangerous behavior at the pump, which you see up top. The rapper doesn't seem to be all that bothered by the negative response, saying, "I seen people in my comments, like, 'What's wrong with you?’ Is there something wrong with that?" 

Lil Pump admitted that filling up his car with gas as he holds some gas close by is nothing new to him. "We do that on the regular," he said. With that being known, if you see him pull up to a gas station near you, ignore the urge to take a picture with him, and just get out of there.

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