What's Going On With Frank Ocean's Website?

Something mysterious is happening on Frank Ocean's website.

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It's August which means we are all finding our own ways to cope with Frank Ocean's next album, which we were told was coming in July, never arriving. While Frank's brother took the opportunity to pull off an immaculately conceived "Rickroll" troll, the rest of the internet is waiting with bated breath for any news.

WELL, news has arrived today. Or at least something has arrived today. While we're not sure exactly what is going on, as of this morning an attempt to visit Frank Ocean's official website redirected to a password-protected web page for entry to a store. The URL it leads to: boysdontcry.co/password (!!!). Shortly after, the website was changed and redirected back to his Tumblr before the site was officially locked.

At time this post was published, Frank Ocean's website is officially back in new form with the picture of Frank on the homepage. SOMETHING seems to be going on. We'll keep you posted.

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