Mac Miller Opens Up About the Relationships That Inspired 'The Divine Feminine' on 'The Breakfast Club'

Mac Miller talks 'The Divine Feminine,' Ariana Grande, and his newfound happiness and sobriety on 'The Breakfast Club.'

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Mac Miller stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk all things about his new album, The Divine Feminine, and DJ Envy and co. wasted no time digging in. Charlamagne tha God kicked things off by asking the rapper what his new album title means. For Mac, it means that "the universe exists within her," although he doesn't clarify who "her" is, and notes that the project is really an extension of "how I view love and how it affects my life."

This provided the perfect segue for DJ Envy to press Mac on his love life and asked him straight out of he is in love. Before Mac could even respond, Charlamagne interjected, "Have you heard the album? He sounds like he is smitten." Mac then explained he's been working on the album for a year, which is actually before rumors hit that he had reconnected with Ariana Grande, who just confirmed they were dating during an interview on Ellen. He actually started working on the album when he moved with his then-girlfriend to Brooklyn.

"There's bits and pieces of life, stories of love that are actual, real, and personal to me. Then there's also the idea of what I'm searching for and what I want." The conversation then shifted into Mac's past few years when he first made it big and bought a big house, got a cool car, and threw parties because that's what he was supposed to be doing until he finally realized that wasn't him. "I'm just a pretty, relaxed chill dude." Charlamagne was quick to point out that love may be his new vice instead of drugs, which Mac admitted he had thought about often and addressed on his Macadelic mixtape.

Of course, they get into his relationship with Grande, who also appears on the album, with Mac admitting that she is his dream girl. 

Watch the whole interview where Mac discussed moving to Brooklyn, being sober, working with Ariana Grande on the album, and more above. 

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