Questlove Paid Tribute to Prince by Playing 'Finding Nemo' During His DJ Set Last Night

Prince hilariously once-fired Quest in favor of watching the Disney movie. Questlove honored Prince last night in the greatest way: by playing Finding Nemo.

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Questlove honored Prince last night in the greatest way possible: by playing Finding Nemo during his DJ set. If you remember, Questlove just recently recounted a hilarious story when Prince fired Quest from a DJ gig in favor of watching the Disney classic. So, last night, The Roots co-founder once again played Nemo during his DJ set in Brooklyn. This time, the movie was on mute as Quest filled the Brooklyn Bowl with the sounds of an almost-all Prince mix. “Representin. It’s Only Right,” Quest wrote on Instagram.

Questlove was one of many celebrities who expressed their complete shock and sadness on social media yesterday after Prince's tragic passing. Quest was clearly a huge fan of Prince so it only makes sense he would show his love to Prince in this way. Check out clips of the whole thing below. You can also revisit Questlove telling the story about the time Prince fired him here.

@questlove has #findingnemo on rn in honor, in tribute, of the late the great. #PRINCE. if u don't get it, google it
At Brooklyn Bowl celebrating Prince's life. @questlove with the most perfect memento. Finding Nemo's on all screens.
Watching Finding Nemo while dancing to @questlove DJing a @Prince tribute set at @brooklynbowl: ✅ #NYCbucketlist

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