Back in November, Questlove of the Roots revealed on Twitter that Prince once fired him from a DJ gig and replaced him with a screening of Disney's Finding Nemo. In a brilliant display by Okayplayer, the website teams up with Quest to share the full story as he narrates an animated reenactment of the whole night.

It's an evening that starts with Questlove frantically texting the Purple One's assistant because he bought 10 Prince concert tickets for 11 people. Prince responds through his assistant asking, err, demanding, Quest throw him a party after the show. The Roots member DJs the party and calls on the spirit of Fela Kuti to satisfy Prince, only to receive an extremely surprising request.

It's Questlove's birthday today, but once again Quest is the gift that keeps on giving. Watch the video above. And happy birthday, Questlove.

. @Prince3EG once fired me from a dj gig in a nightclub & instead blasted the #FindingNemo dvd on the screen. #EffThatFish #FindingDory

— Questlove Gomez (@questlove) November 10, 2015