Diplo Says Nicki Minaj and Rihanna Both Passed on "Lean On"

Imagine what Nicki or RiRi would have sounded like on this smash.

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Major Lazer's chart-topping smash "Lean On" has everyone recalling that time on the sidewalk this summer (innocent, remember?). The song off the Peace Is The Mission album was undoubtedly made all the better with the clutch vocal assist from MØ as proven by the recent GMA performance in which the Danish singer took center stage in the energy--fueled performance.

In a new interview with TimeDiplo shared how the single nearly wasn't hers. “[MØ] sounds better than anybody was going to sound on that record. All we want to do is make the records feel like classics, even though they’re feeling progressive and strange to a normal ear.” According to the interview, Diplo shopped the song to both Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, but both camps rejected it. “A blessing in disguise," Diplo said of the situation. 

 Since its release, “Lean On” has topped the charts in more than a dozen countries and is currently sitting comfortably in the number four spot the Billboard Hot 100. ICYMI, watch MØ, Major Lazer and Dj Snake perform the song on the early morning show below.

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