Mathew Knowles Opens Up About Beyoncé's 'LEMONADE'

He said he sat down Saturday night to watch the film unfold for the first time just like everyone else. Mathew also discusses the album's track "Daddy Lessons".

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Beyoncè and her father, Mathew Knowles, have been rumored to have a complicated relationship, but he still made sure to catch the debut of her HBO special,LEMONADE. "I was like everyone else. I went in and made my popcorn and watched the HBO special," he says in a new interview with WatchLOUD. He admits the film confused him at first. "I didn’t know quite where she was coming from," he reveals. "And then it hit me that she had cleverly made this body of work to make one think and make one think a lot. It was heavy. In some places it was dark, but then towards the end you could see the acceptance, the forgiveness. So she kind of took us through her inner emotions of the steps which one goes through of disappointment, of anger, grieving process, acceptance, forgiveness, and kinda going through that whole process with us."

Even more than that, Mathew thinks Beyoncé took viewers on a journey of our country's affairs in a new way. "She also enlightened us. She enlightened us with Black Lives Matter, she enlightened with some of the culture of Louisiana and the Creole culture. She enlightened us with Malcolm X and his statements on what is the role of black women years ago and made us think where do black women stand today in America and making us, the viewer, really dig into their emotions...So it’s really interesting that it has spurred this amount of debate."

Mathew also discusses the album's track titled "Daddy Lessons" and whether or not it is about him. "When I listen to 'Daddy Lessons'—and Beyoncé wrote me a song on her first album called 'Daddy'—but when I hear this song, I’m sure that some of that, hopefully, I inspired her. But am I sure, no." You can stream Beyoncé latest work here.

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