Kanye West's Saint Pablo Tour Rider Is Every Bit as Lit as You Would Expect It to Be

Kanye West's Saint Pablo tour rider is filled with lavish requirements like alcohol-filled slushie machines.

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There's no doubt Kanye West has very specific tastes and his lavish preferences definitely carry over to his Saint Pablo Tour rider. Thanks to his wife, Kim Kardashian West, fans got a peek at the rapper's backstage needs on Thursday night, and apparently, one of the things on his rider is an alcohol-filled slushie machine. One side of the machine contains frozen Hennessy and Coke while the other offers frozen Grey Goose and lemonade.

According to TMZ, the frozen Grey Goose and lemonade is for The Wife of Pablo, who prefers the combination as her alcoholic drink of choice. The slushie set-up will reportedly be standard at every Saint Pablo tour stop. Kim seemed to be pretty happy with the drink situation, telling her many fans on Snapchat that the "Pablo rider is LIT." Kim seemed equally excited about some of the new Pablo tour merch as well that features pictures of her rocking a bikini on the tennis court during her recent vacation.

It's not surprising that Yeezy would have an insane list of provisions while on the road. Back in 2015, his alleged rider leaked online, revealing a requirement list that featured 13 bottles of really expensive liquor, including three $1000 bottles of Hennessy Paradis worth approximately $3,200. Only the best for Yeezy.

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