Premiere: Listen to Jazz Cartier's New Song "Pree"

Toronto's Jazz Cartier ends an impressive 2016 strong with the premiere of his track, "Pree."

This is Jazz Cartier's single art for "Pree."

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This is Jazz Cartier's single art for "Pree."

Jazz Cartier is ending 2016 on a strong note with the release of his new song, "Pree."

"Pree means to watch somebody and what they're doing, more times in an envious way," Jazz explains to Complex of the inspiration behind his new release. "Started in Jamaica and we use it a lot in Toronto. This is just a vibe I've been on."

2016 has been a big year for Jazz who did not stop performing, including festivals and a slot on Post Malone's Hollywood Dreams Tour. "I did over 100 shows this year and that was one of my goals, to be on the road as much as I can. People still bring up the Illmore and Fader Fort performances at SXSW and most recently, ComplexCon." It was also the year he got love from the likes of  Lil Wayne after he paid tribute to the rapper in song. Weezy quickly returned the love and called it his "new favorite song."

Of course, the Canadian MC capped off the year by busting out a surprise performance at our inaugural ComplexCon last month on the Pigeons & Plane stage. If you were lucky enough to be there, you know Jazz more than delivered in an intense performance complete with mosh pits, Jazz walking on the crowd's shoulders, and him even climbing up the side of the stage.

Another Jazz highlight was the release of his "Lil Wayne" track that paid tribute to the Young Money rapper. Weezy quickly returned the love and dubbed it his "new favorite song." "I think mentally I'm in a better space after seeing a lot," Jazz says of his past year. "My approach to the music is more me than ever. I used to think about what other people would think about certain songs but now I'm just doing me."

This next year is sure to see Jazz go to even higher places. As he tells us, 2017 will be about "bigger moves and more energy." Listen to the premiere of Jazz Cartier's "Pree" below as a taste of what the rapper has in store in the new year.

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