A File of Hudson Mohawke Music Containing Alleged Frank Ocean Beats Surfaces Online

A folder titled "frank o0000oocean" appeared on Reddit.

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Well then. A mysterious file labeled "frank o0000oocean" surfaced on the internet and people are freaking out over its contents. The folder contains several instrumentals and beats that first appeared on Reddit. It didn't take long for the initial folder to be deleted, but another Reddit user uploaded the the same folder under the title "Hudson Mohawke demos for Frank Ocean (instrumentals) (leak)."

According to Fader, a source has confirmed that HudMo is the one who made these beats, although who the beats were meant for is still unconfirmed. Also interesting is that TNGHT Mohawke's collaborative project with Lunice—retweeted a Reddit tweet about the beats, but that tweet has already been deleted. So, is it a Boys Don't Cry leak? According to Kanye to The users, the files seem like early versions of other Hud Mo songs. "Rice Chips" appeared as "Warriors" on HudMo's Lantern and "Where The" is actually the instrumental for Pusha T's "Hold On." Frank, please gift us with Boys Don't Cry already. We need it.

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