Dreamville's Ari Lennox Shares Her Debut 'Pho' EP

Ari Lennox, the only female in the Dreamville crew, comes through today with her debut EP, 'Pho.'

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Dreamville's Ari Lennox comes through today with her solo EP, Pho, that takes us on a trip through her R&B and soul fueled vocal power. 

The seven track release finds Lennox exploring her place as a woman, which makes sense considering she is the only female in the Dreamville crew. "Sometimes women are put in this box where we're only supposed to talk about certain things," the 25-year-old singer-songwriter explains. "I want to be braver and riskier. I think people want to hear that kind of honesty and frankness."

The project was produced mostly by DJ Grumble, who works on tracks like "Backseat" featuring L.A. rapper Cozz, while Felly and Hollywood JB provide additional production. The end result is something that Lennox describes as "Modern, relaxed, turned up soul...It's just chill with trappy vibes reminiscent of the beautiful music from the '70s."

Dreamville first announced the singing of Lennox back in December of 2015 when the Dreamville collective surprise released their Revenge of the Dreamers II collaborative project after she grabbed the attention of J. Cole.

Ari Lennox's Pho EP is out now on Dreamville/Interscope Records. Listen to the EP in its entirety below or pick it up on iTunes right here

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