Kanye West Ends Meadows Set After Kim Kardashian Reportedly Robbed at Gunpoint in Paris

Kanye West unexpectedly cancels Meadows performance.

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Kanye West reportedly exited his set at the Meadows Festival in New York City on Sunday night, citing an alleged family emergency as the reason. 

Many fans immediately flocked to Twitter to express their concern and disappointment with the unexpected canceled set. They claimed Kanye was 30 to 40 minutes late to his scheduled performance.

30 mins late and then Kanye stormed off the stage during "Heartless." The most Kanye thing he's ever done. #MeadowsNYC

— Daniel Pritchett (@pritchett_dan) October 3, 2016

Started 40 min late and left early for a family emergency. Thanks Kanye #checkkimssnap #MeadowsNYC

— 🦦🦝🧋 (@carlinyourbutt) October 3, 2016

"Kanye's assistant pulled him to the side of the stage then Ye got on the mic saying he had a family emergency then stopped the show," one fan tweeted. "KANYE WEST STRAIGHT UP WALKED OFF STAGE IM THE MIDDLE OF A SONG. Canceled the concert," another fan wrote on Twitter.


— Chris Barnes (@ChrisBarnes) October 3, 2016

At The Meadows. Kanye literally just said "Im sorry. I have a family emergency. I have to stop the show..." and walked off. Party done.

— Kozza (@Kozza) October 3, 2016

DKDKDKDKDKDK let me stop! I hope Kanye and his family is okay.

— Le’Sky🧚🏽‍♀️ (@LoveLeSky) October 3, 2016

Due to an emergency, Kanye West had to end his performance early. Please get home safely.

— The Meadows NYC (@themeadowsnyc) October 3, 2016

It was at first unclear which family member had been affected or what the family emergency was. Organizers of the Meadows Festival issued an official statement on Kanye's shortened performance, writing:

#CNN: Kim Kardashian West held at gunpoint inside Paris hotel room by 3 armed masked men dressed as police officers, rep tells @CNNjoe

— AnneClaire Stapleton (@AnneClaireCNN) October 3, 2016

CNN news editor Joe Sutton later tweeted that Kim Kardashian was reportedly held at gunpoint in Paris by armed men. She was not harmed, says Sutton. Another CNN source, Anne Claire Stapleton, said it was three men dressed as police officers. Kim's rep told Stapleton she "is badly shaken but physically unharmed."

#CNN: @KimKardashian "is badly shaken but physically unharmed,” her rep tells CNN's @CNNjoe

— AnneClaire Stapleton (@AnneClaireCNN) October 3, 2016

Later, reports from BBC indicated the thieves had made off with a jewelry box containing $6.7 million in valuables, as well as her $4.5 million engagement ring. They also reportedly took two of her smartphones. Kim was spotted boarding a private jet in France a short time after the robbery, presumably heading home to be with her husband. Kim's bodyguard Pascal Duvier was photographed on Sunday night with Kourtney Kardashian, indicating that he was likely not with Kim at the time of the robbery.

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