Is Rihanna's 'ANTI' Album Coming Out Next Month?

Rihanna's 'ANTI' album could be coming out next month.

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Big things are afoot for Rihanna. The singer's planned eighth album, ANTI, has long been one of our most anticipated records of the year, even if we just found out initial details about the title, album artwork, and more a little less than a month ago. After a glamorous artwork unveiling, rumor had it that ANTI might release November 6th, a quickly debunked rumor (though the date obviously hasn't passed yet). And now, Billboard reports that the album "looks like it will be released in December," according to new insight from an anonymous source. The same source told the site that the cause of the delay was uncertainty over Rihanna's next single, though news that she's reportedly canceled some upcoming promotional "commitments" doesn't seem to bode well for a sooner drop-date. 

Another complication might be the album roll-out itself: is Rihanna's rumored $25 million deal with Samsung a hint that we might see another Magna Carta... Holy Grail-like drop, Billboard speculates. Of course, RiRi is also implicated as a TIDAL co-owner, so who knows where and how we'll actually be listening to ANTI when it finally does drop. For now, fans can rest easy in the fact that things are definitely in the works, and it seems like the music itself isn't behind the hold-up. 

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