Police Visited Lil Wayne's House To Seize Property Over An Unpaid Lawsuit

Lil Wayne needs to settle up on an unpaid private jet bill.

There's been a lot of curious Lil Wayne news recently: why was he remixing Drake's "Back to Back" in a just-released studio clip? What's with this No Ceilings mixtape supposedly releasing on Thanksgiving? And why can't the guy keep his name out of a recent bevy of lawsuits? One of those recent lawsuits accused Weezy of failing to make payments in the amount of $1 million for leasing a private plane over a three-year period, and last month a judge ordered him to pay out $2 million to the leasing company in order to satisfy the initial unpaid balance as well as accumulated fees.

TMZ now reports that with the ordered payout apparently still unreceived, Miami Beach police arrived at Weezy's house earlier today to seize property in accordance with a court order. The site claims that while Wayne is currently in Los Angeles, his security in Miami Beach refused to let the cops enter the property, even though the court order reportedly permits the cops to "break the locks...if necessary." For now we can only wonder what assets are actually being seized. 

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