Fetty Wap Just Broke A Billboard Sales Record

Fetty Wap breaks a Billboard sales record with his first four singles.

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Things are going pretty well for Fetty Wap at this point. The New Jersey rapper/singer just announced that his debut album is right around the corner, we already know another Drake collaboration is in the works, he's also apparently sneaking into the high fashion world, and now he's got a new Billboard sales record under his belt as well. 

According to Billboard, Fetty is the first artist ever to have his first four charting singles concurrently in the Top 10 of the Hot Rap Songs chart. It's been more than 25 years since the chart was created and while other rappers have held as many simultaneously singles in the Top 10, nobody has ever done it with their initially charting songs. For reference, right now Fetty is at No. 2 with "Trap Queen," No. 3 with "My Way," No. 5 with the Remy Boyz-featuring "679," and No. 8 with his just added "Again." In 2009 T.I. achieved a similar feat with four singles in the Top 10 including tracks like "Live Your Life" and "Swagga Like Us," and other artists like 50 CentDrake, and Lil Wayne have counted just as many simultaneous hits, but Fetty has apparently had a stronger commercial start than all the rest. We'll have to wait and see if the album rollout earns him another one. 

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