The Game Goes at 6ix9ine on Instagram: 'Pretending Gone Get You Hurt, Kid'

The Game warns 6ix9ine to stop repping both Bloods and Crips.

The Game spotted on Hollywood Blvd

Image via Prince Williams/GC Images

The Game spotted on Hollywood Blvd

The Game has had just about enough of 6ix9ine's gang-affiliated antics and decided to go at the rapper on social media for repping both red and blue flags.

The Compton rapper, a known Blood, posted a photo of a 6ix9ine (long before the 69 tattoos and rainbow hair) and took jabs at his thug persona. "This the bum y’all let call himself the king of New York ??? Frank White only KING OF NY," he questions on Instagram. "If you don’t take that red rag off playing wit real niggas lives & get yo dick in the booty Carlton sweater around the neck wearin ass on somewhere & stop playing wit this blood shit before somebody hurt yo mamas only daughter. You a nice guy, look at that smile...cut the tuff shit out before it’s too late."

To further his point, The Game posted another photo of Tekashi sitting on a blanket of blue flags, calling into question the Brooklyn rapper's loyalty. "The 9trey niggas I know from NY can’t be cosign’n this 🤡 !!! Foreal homie ???? 😂😂😂😂 this is the BIG BLOOD KING OF NEW YORK ???? Stop it 5... just cut all the shenanigans & jokes & just be the nice boy you are inside Daniel. Pretending gone get you hurt kid. It’s REAL NIGGAS out here dying over what you playing around wit. All you kids following this dummy need to know he playing wit y’all lives too.... tryna turn red rags into Disneyland tickets... "

The Game's post came after 6ix9ine fired shots of his own on Instagram, claiming he and other gangster rappers are getting at him simply to garner attention. He also posted a video of The Game from his appearance on the dating show Change of Heart which first surfaced in 2006. “When u was 21 u was crying over a bitch. I BEEN GANGBANGIN AS A YOUNGIN. U worked out and got “tuff” and turned blood. LOL 'I had the most fun in my life' headass,” he wrote

6ix9ine's disses came after footage of The Game leading a "Fuck 6ix9ine, fake-ass Blood" chant in Slovenia hit the web on Saturday morning. For 6ix9ine, this is only the latest altercation in a rocky 2018 that includes a brawl at the LAX and a possible subliminal thrown by Blood-repper YG.

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