Beanie Sigel​, Freewayand "Freeway" Ricky Ross stopped by BoomPhilly to welcome back popular host Monie Love. While there the Beans and Freeway spoke on performing at Jay Z's B-Sides Concert two nights in a row. “It was like two days of “back to normal.” Driver came to pick me up. Like I be having to drive to New York now. What I realized is that we were spoiled [during our Roc days]. I’m still doing my thing but I gotta grind harder now. Sometimes I gotta book my own flights," Freeway stated.

After praising their reunion, the question on everyone's minds was are they going to record together once again. "I don’t want to spoil it, but the public want that. And I think after giving them that for two days, and the reaction from it. It’s undeniable. It gotta happen,” Beanie Sigel said. If they were able to recapture their old synergy and could get back to the booth, it would definitely make fans everywhere go crazy.