Rihanna Throws an April Fools Concert In Jimmy Kimmel's Bedroom

Rihanna surprises Jimmy Kimmel with a surprise performance in his bedroom an an ungodly hour.

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Jimmy Kimmel received the shock of a lifetime, when he awoke to a camera crew and Rihanna singing in his bedroom. RiRi decided to celebrate April Fools this year, targeting the Jimmy Kimmel Live host for her dastardly deed. Around one in the morning, the Pop Princess and crew, with the help of Kimmel's wife and JKL's co-headwriter Molly McNearny,  the Kimmel's home, at which point the singer began to give an impromptu performance of her new single, "Bitch Better Have My Money" . 

Kimmel was a good sport and laughed off the incident. Later on in the day, he and Rihanna sat down to discuss the successful prank on his show. Is this the beginning of RiRi's comedic career? We'll have to wait to see. 

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