Do You Know 'What 'Ye Is It?' Find Out With New Kanye Inspired Calendar

Waiting for 'Swish?' Count down the days until it's release with 'What Ye Is It?' calendar.

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Kanye​ continues to innovate everything he seems to touch, like a futuristic King Midas. However, where ever you find innovation, it's a safe bet that inspiration is following right behind. Creatives continue to find new ways to mold their muse and patron saint, Mr. West. Yesterday, graphic designer Zak Tebbal was moved to reimagine "Bound 2" as a hilarious children's book; today, two artists from Portland have teamed up to turn Kanye's music into a calendar. will help you keep track of the days you waste away, anxiously waiting for 'Ye's seventh studio album SwishThe brainchild of Nick Stokes and Eric Swanson, the custom-animated calendar features a new video every day, built around the world of Kanye West's music. The project will officially begin on May 18. Hopefully, we will not have to wait too many more 'Ye's for Swish.


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