DVS Drops The Knowledge They Don't Want You To Know On New Album 'DVTV'

DVS released his first full length project since 2012, 'DVTV,' and it is a wild ride in the underground.

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If you missed the riveting infomercial for DVS' self help book, "Ill Shit They Don't Want You To Know About," or you picked up a copy, but its near sociopathic teachings were too much for you to understand, today (April 29) is your lucky day. The underground rapper, viceroy, and author released DVTVjust for you; an album that can be thought of as the spiritual audiobook to the fictional text, with in-depth annotations to help guide your gritty journey to enlightenment​. 

While DVS stock has been rising in the New York scene, thanks to his solid guest appearances on tracks with Heems, Kool A.D., Lakutis, Hot Sugarand Big Baby Gandhi, this is his firsts full length project since his A Piece Of The Action mixtape, released in 2012. This fact should not make you hesitant to give it a try though, especially when he has been dropping heat like "You Goddamn Right" and "Holy Shit." 

DVTV features contributions from Yuri Beats, Steel Tipped Dove, Hot Sugar, Das Racist, and Lakutis​. If you really want to know how to survive in the New York underground and how to easily obtain everything you so desire, pick up the album here and stream it below.




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