In the aftermath of Das Racist splitting, founding member Heems went on a voyage of self-discovery. While taking in the wonders of the world and reconnecting with his south-Asian Hindu heritage, he also found time to drop two mixtapes, Nehru Jackets and Wild Water Kingdom

The trio were known for their idiosyncratic take on hip-hop that reveled in confusion and contradiction, showing a complete disregard for anyone who can't deal with two conflicting ideas. As Heems has already explained, this new album aims to explore that idea further: "As a first generation South Asian in the U.S. I often felt like I lived two lives, an Indian one and an American one. I lived, at once, in and between two spaces and outside them as well."

We've already heard "Home" (which featured marmite producer, Dev Hynes) and "Sometimes" from the album, and now Heems is finally ready to share the finished album, Eat Pray Thug, in full via NPR. You can listen to the album here, before it comes out on Mar. 10.