Wiley Wants To Clash Dizzee Rascal And Skepta In Their Respective Ends

If it happens, they'd better film it.




Eskiboy is at it again.

The MC's 16-year tension with Dizzee Rascal seems to have reignited as, last night, Wiley took to Twitter to invite Raskit to clash on one of two East London roads they both frequented back in grime's early days: Roman Road and Devon Road.

Then, this morning (after getting no reply from Dizzee), Wiley turned his attention to Skepta, extending the same offer, but in his stomping ground of North London.

This stage of the saga, in which Wiley and Dizzee's beef was expanded to include Skepta, stretches back to November last year when Wiley took shots at Skepta for collaborating with Dizzee Rascal on "Money Right" with off-the-cuff diss track "Flip The Table". Skepta replied a few months later with "Wish You Were Here" and then Wiley quickly fired back with "Don't Bread Me".

That seemed to be that for a while, but with Godfather 3 reportedly dropping in January, it looks like Wiley's itching for a fight again.

Whether anything comes of it is anyone's guess, but if they do, they'd better film it.

Dizzee let’s have a clash Roman road or Devon’s road ? You choose
@DizzeeRascal Ready when you are mate we will film it and make money let’s go.#Clash
Grime is a Physical genre and is a niche thing that is best when kept away from the charts and corporations.If dizzee clashes me on the street this is more powerful than any label could do for me or dizzee #ClashMe
I will clash you @Skepta on Tottenham high road do you wanna do it ?
Competition is exciting anyway let’s have a total barney 😂😂

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