Strandz Recruits Lancey Foux For New Single “Feeling Alive”

The South Londoner returns with his trademark nostalgic sound.

Video via YouTube

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Video via YouTube

After the flawless three-part run of Top 10 hit “Us Against The World”, its remix with Digga D, and the Parisian-themed “J’adore”, South London rapper Strandz spent the next few months sketching out a plan for his next moves. 

Now he’s putting those plans into action, beginning with his new single, “Feeling Alive” with Lancey Foux. Produced by Blueboy, Tn, and Strandz himself, “Feeling Alive” offers more of that 2023 take on 2000s rap sound he’s perfected, glazing it with Lancey Foux’s woozy, melodic style for an added twist.

Strandz elaborates on “Feeling Alive”: “‘Feeling Alive’ came from a place of appreciation for the beautiful moments we all experience on our journey but often overlook. Lancey picked up on this perfectly and added a totally different perspective on what feeling alive means to him.”

Check out “Feeling Alive” and be sure to add the song to your playlists.

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