Skepta & Ryder Give An Official Release To “skeptacore pt.3”

The ongoing series has been causing a real stir on TikTok.

image via Publicist

For the past few months, a producer named Ryder has been causing a stir online—particularly across SoundCloud and TikTok—with #skeptacore, which is a series of edits and refixes that reframe classic Skepta tunes with ambient and experimental electronic textures.

Ryder first started these experiments around a year ago when he recontextualised a track by P Money. Edits of SZA, cityboymoe and Nemzzz soon followed, but it was the Skepta reworks that really struck a chord. The #skeptacore series has been gaining even more traction in recent weeks and that hype has just hit fever pitch thanks to Big Smoke himself giving the edits his blessing.

In fact, Skep even stepped up to add some co-production to “skeptacore pt.3” and help give it a legitimate release.

In other Skepta news, he recently announced that his directorial debut, Tribal Mark, will be out next year, and with that announcement came a snippet of new music, which you can listen to here.

Stream “skeptacore pt.3” above and check out the rest of the series over on Ryder’s SoundCloud.

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