Premiere: Submerse Asks "Can We Go Back" On Delicate New Production

Ideal for blasting in the car with the top down.


Image via Publicist


Tokyo-based producer Rob "Submerse" Orme has already earned himself some shoutouts on this page for his rain-day rap beats. His Always EP from last year, as well as some nifty remixes, have had regular rotation on the Complex UK stereo. Next month (October 10), Submerse will release his new album, Are You Anywhere, via Project Mooncircle and we're exclusively sharing one of the album's highlights: "Can We Go Back" with Fitz Ambro$e.

The beats are still super low-slung and cool, but there's an added g-funk edge to "Can We Go Back". Pretty much everyone uses AutoTune right now, but more than a few rappers and singers could do with following Fitz Ambro$e's example here. In fact, the whole album's been shot through with an L.A. funk vibe. It's ideal for blasting in the car with the top down and absolutely what you should be about.

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