Premiere: Drift Into A Dreamlike State With Submerse's Remix Of Nemui PJ's "Nemui Time"

Dreamy, spaced-out beats built for rainy days.

Nemui PJ


Nemui PJ

Nemui PJ, the singer/producer duo consisting of UK beatmaker kidkanevil and the Japanese composer and artist Noah, will next month (August 11 via Flau) be dropping their new EP, Pumpkin.

The new EP features a generous nine tracks; six originals and three remixes, one of which comes from Tokyo-based producer Submerse. Appropriately enough for a duo whose name refers to their mutual appreciation of making music in their pyjamas, Nemui PJ's music is the sort of dreamy, spaced-out beats built for rainy days.

Taking on "Nemui Time" from the EP, Submerse adds to the delicate piano piece a gentle beat, the occasional rousing flourish and some twinkling keys for a remix that really does sound like it was recorded in the rain. Take a listen down below.

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