Premiere: Watch MILE's Video For "The 24th Letter"

If David Lynch directed rap videos...


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Filmed and directed by Pirmin Juffinger, the video for MILE's "The 24th Letter" sees the UK rapper prowl through a poorly lit house and into an icy forest, all the while masked behind a heavy red filter. The overall feeling is one of distance, as though the viewer is somehow once removed from what's happening on screen. The track itself is just as murky, as MILE raps slowly and deliberately over a hazy beat, further adding to the dreamlike state the video evokes. And that hazy beat has a definite air of A Tribe Called Quest or classic Dilla about it; all degrading keys and eerie psychedelics. "The 24th Letter" is taken from MILE's debut album, Apple Juice & Lemon Trees, which is out on May 25 through Tiefparterre Records. Watch the video exclusively above.

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