Premiere: Carpainter Draws Together Detroit Techno, Footwork And Anime To Create "Jupiter Funk"

A maximalist burst of madness from rising Japanese producer.


Tokyo crew Trekkie Trax and their various members have been exporting their hyperactive takes on grime, footwork, 2-step, techno and more for a minute now, all the while pushing the output of their individual members. One such member is Carpainter who, on his upcoming Geofront EP for Nightwave's discerning Heka Trax label, has combined the disparate worlds of Detroit techno, anime, juke and footwork with a few other sounds to cap it off. The Complex UK favourite, it has to be said, is "Jupiter Funk" with its hypnotic, acidic melodies and pummeling drums. Sometimes less is more, but every now and again it's refreshing to hear whip-crack drums and dizzying melodies brought under a maximalist burst of madness. Get into it below and get the Geofront EP on July 22.

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