Premiere: Ariana And The Rose Unites With RKCB For "Love You Lately"

#CuffingSeason's basically over so here's our new anthem du jour.

Switching up her sound somewhat from previous releases to a more R&B-influenced sound, Ariana And The Rose is back with L.A. duo RKCB for her new single "Love You Lately". This heavier R&B influence in Ariana's music is looking like a good fit so far and a promising sign of what's to come on her upcoming Retrograde EP. "I guess I just don't love you lately," the two sing to each other in haunting harmony. Back that up with some evocative visuals and you've got a track that snaps you back to the post-Valentine's Day comedown. With #CuffingSeason basically over, Ariana And The Rose and RKCB's "Love You Lately" is our new anthem du jour.

Retrograde will be released on March 24 via AWAL.

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