Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust Celebrates SBTV Founder’s Legacy, Announces New Initiatives

The stars came out to celebrate Jamal’s legacy.

Group of seven individuals posing for a photo at a music event with balloons in the background
All images via Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust
Group of seven individuals posing for a photo at a music event with balloons in the background

It’s been two years since Jamal Edwards tragically passed away. The founder of SBTV left a towering legacy behind and we’re still feeling the benefit of his generosity and tenacious support he gave his friends, family and the UK music industry.

To mark the anniversary of his passing and celebrate his life, the Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust held a celebration event last week at restaurant and music venue Archer Street in Notting Hill. The Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust was founded after Jamal’s passing by his mother, Brenda Edwards, who is also the Chair of the Trustees and her Executive Director, Ophelia Froud. 

The Trust is built on three core initiatives: The Self Belief Launchpad, which aims to create “early career access for underrepresented young people in London”; the Self Belief Sanctuary, a West London property housing care leavers at risk of homelessness; and The Self Belief Hub, a community space for young and old people share skills.

In celebration of Jamal and The Trust’s endeavours, guests such as comedian Judi Love, producer Naughty Boy, MOBOs founder Kanya King, Dawn Butler MP, newsreader Charlene White, Big Narstie, Lady Leshurr and many more were in attendance. “Jamal was a pioneer, a disruptor and a force for good that opened doors and brought hope to so many,” said Brenda Edwards on the star-studded night. “We want to create a remarkable legacy for a remarkable human by doing the same for young people across the UK and beyond.”

Ophelia Froud added: “The Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust has an ambitious vision to amplify the Self Belief of young people throughout the UK. It is much needed and using my wide campaign and content experience I am excited to support Brenda in fulfilling her son's vision in such a bold, creative and inspirational way.”

Tim Campbell MBE went on to tell the attendees that “Jamal was a once-in-a-lifetime light, whose sole purpose was to uplift others and help them to realise their true potential, through the JESB Trust led by his amazing mother, Brenda, that will live on inspiring its beneficiaries to have unwavering Self Belief.”

For more on the JESB Trust, head here.

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