Victoria Monét Fires Employee for Accidentally Liking Post During JT and GloRilla Feud With Singer's Account

The Grammy-winning singer wanted nothing to do with the beef between JT and Glo.

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This week's explosive feud between JT and GloRilla has everyone on edge, and so far it's cost at least one person their job. After the two rappers went to war on X, Victoria Monét fans noticed the singer liking a shady post about the beef.

But Monét later revealed on her Instagram Stories that she was actually in Coachella rehearsals during that time, and that the move came from an employee who was logged into her accout. The singer explained that she has an "entire team logged into my accounts to make tweets and posts when I'm busy."

The 34-year-old singer shared that she was alerted of the mistake during her rehearsal.

"I got pulled out of rehearsal to be told that someone on my social media team did something that they weren't supposed to do, thinking that they were logged into their account," she continued. "I guess they were going back and forth between their account and my account, and pressed some buttons that they shouldn't have fucking pressed."

Omg! 😭

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Calling the situation "irritating," Monét clarified that she has "no problem with either of them" and doesn't "fuck with Black women beefing online."

"I want everybody to love each other, hug each other, support each other. I'm your 'world peace' bitch," she joked.

But Monét did have smoke for the now-former member of her social team, revealing that they were fired, while referencing the "somebody's getting fired" Beyoncé meme.

Let this serve as a warning to social media managers everywhere.

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