T-Pain Co-Signs Apple Vision Pro: 'I’m Not a Part of This Weak Ass Reality Anymore'

The 'Rappa Ternt Sanga' is one of many who are obsessed with Apple's futuristic new product.

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T-Pain won't go down without a fight over his Apple Vision Pro.

The two-time Grammy winner has been promoting the new Apple product online this week shortly after it hit U.S. markets, raving over the VR (virtual reality) goggles while walking through an airport.

"Y'all thought y'all was gonna leave me in this mundane, bad graphics having ass, boring, no color having-ass reality?" he asked in the Instagram video below. "You're sadly mistaken. You've got another thing coming, and I'm calling the cops because you fit the description of a hater."

He continued, "I'm just letting you know, y'all ain't leaving me behind in this terrible-looking world. I'm gone forever, I'm wearing this bitch everywhere. It's over."

He then "Y'all shut down Google Glass because y'all said ain't nobody gonna wear them damn glasses with the little 'Dragon Ball Z' thing on the side of it. Y'all said wasn't nobody gonna wear them shits, and y'all canceled that. Now they're gone, now look what we left with? Now it's too late. Now we can't go back."

With VR being the future of technology, T-Pain refuses to be left in "this dumbass world." "I wanna see everything through this muthafucka now," he declared. "It's going down. I appreciate y'all trying, but futile is what I call that shit. So I'll see y'all on the inside."

The "Buy U a Drank" singer joins thousands who love the Vision Pro for its "unique and powerful capabilities" including a "powerful three-dimensional user interface that users navigate with their eyes, hands, and voice." Following his Instagram post, T-Pain also shared a YouTube video, answering fan questions about the Vision Pro.

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— T-Pain (@TPAIN) February 8, 2024
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