Snoop Dogg Is Selling a Blunt Roach and Other Artifacts in 'The Shiznit' Memorabilia Auction

His live online auction, "The Shiznit: The Snoop Dogg Memorabilia Auction," features Snoop's old tour riders, autographed photos, and more.

Nbcuniversal / Charles Sykes / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

One lucky Snoop Dogg fan can now get their hands on a roach from a blunt that the rapper once smoked.

The random collector's item is one of many authenticated pieces of memorabilia from "The Shiznit: The Snoop Dogg Memorabilia Auction," named after the 1993 Doggystyle track. The auction is currently live online. Just in case you needed proof that the roach is genuine, the description reads that it "was smoked in front of a TRUeST™ Authenticator on March 27th, 2024, who then performed the Realest’s proprietary authentication process before any secondary high kicked in."

The roach currently sits at 22 bids, the highest being $439. Snoop fans can also bid on an assortment of other items, like an autographed booklet from the 2000 Up in Smoke Tour, a personal Gold Plaque for Doggystyle, a Death Row chain in a signed box and more.

"Make sure you get it 'cause it’s authenticated, signed by the one and only Snoop Doggy Dogg," he says in a promo clip. While looking through pages of his Bones script, he adds, “This shit mean a lot to me, I ain’t never look at this shit cuz… this is my first leading role!”

The first phase of the online auction, which began on May 21, ends on June 2. Previews of auction items are being held in New York and Los Angeles this month, before the addition of more items.

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