Rick Ross Offers 'Diabolical Genius’ 50 Cent $2 Million to Buy G-Unit Members Catalog and ‘Beg for Mercy’ Masters

Rick Ross wants top dollar for 50 Cent's longtime artists Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo.

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images for SiriusXM

Rick Ross won't let up on trolling his longtime rival 50 Cent.

After Fif alleged that the lyrics to Ross' 2013 single "U.O.E.N.O." were creepy enough to have the Carol City rapper dropped from liquor sponsorships, Ross fired back, offering to buy longtime G-Unit members out of their contracts.

Calling Fifty a "diabolical genius" in an Instagram reel, Ross said that he heard Young Buck's catalog was worth $725,000. "I can only assume that Lloyd Banks' is worth about the same," Ross added. "So I say let's make it and keep it simple: throw Tony Yayo in there, I can give you $1.5 [million]."

Saying that he doesn't "need the entire G-Unit catalog," Ross offered another $500,000 for the masters of G-Unit's 2003 album Beg for Mercy. "So that's $2 million dollars. I'm making a business offer to the diabolical genius," Ross continued.

Flaunting his jewelry in a follow-up clip, Ross toasted a Luc Belaire champagne bottle. "Let's do some bidness!" he said.

The video isn't the first time Ross has called 50 Cent a "diabolical genius" instead of his stage name. The Too Good to Be True co-rapper actually got it from media personality Charlamagne Tha God, who gave Fifty the title after the rapper-mogul relentlessly went after Diddy these past few months.

“I stand by what I said. 50 Cent is absolutely a diabolical genius,” Charlamagne said on The Breakfast Club earlier this month, addressing Ross speaking on Fifty's past financial issues. “If you look up the word diabolical and the definition of diabolical genius, then you know that is exactly what 50 Cent is. [Diabolical people are] very evil but often intelligent.”

He continued, "But most Cancers are that. We’re very sweet, very loving and we care about our people, but we do hate as hard as we love. So leave us alone.”

Fifty's "diabolical genius" title was previously negated by Ross on Instagram Live, as the "SHAQ & KOBE" co-rapper challenged Charlamagne's stance.

“There’s something else I seen that I thought was actually kinda cute,” Ross said at the time. “Charlamagne referred to 50 Cent as a ‘diabolical genius.’ And me, thinking the way I think of Charlamagne, he would know better than that. A diabolical genius doesn’t file foreclosure, doesn’t file bankruptcy […] A diabolical genius, for my next generation of young bosses, they buying Delta. They buying the Miami Heat. They making big boy moves. Cracking jokes on somebody don’t make you diabolical.”

It looks like Ross thinks he can one-up Fif by offering to buy his artists, who've stood beside the "I Get Money" rapper for two decades. We'll see how the saga continues.

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