Doja Cat Gets Tongue-Tied Over Kanye’s ‘Beautiful, Big-Titty, Butt-Naked Women’ Lyric on "Back to Me"

West's "beautiful big titty" line could be the tongue twister of a new generation.

Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic/Arnold Jerocki / Getty Images

A line from Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign's "Back to Me" left Doja Cat tongue-tied.

In a TikTok posted over the weekend, the "Paint the Town Red" artist hopped on the "Back to Me" challenge, attempting to recite West's “Beautiful, big titty, butt-naked women just don’t fall out the sky, you know?” For cult film fans, the line is recognizable from the 1999 flick Dogma, which West also sampled on the Vultures track.

In a TikTok captioned "idk who cares," Doja Cat flubbed the opening of the lyric several times before mastering it, just to repeat "beautiful big titty butt naked" over and over while covering half her face.

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Most of the comments encouraged Doja's hilarious antics, one even calling her "a female version of Kanye from before," but another clowned her altogether, writing, "All I’m hearing is 'big beautiful big titted bodega.'"

Another TikTok user was focusing on more pressing matters, demanding that she release a follow-up to her 2023 album Scarlet. "Close enough drop the album," they wrote.

The production team behind Dogma hasn't gone after West for the sample, unlike Ozzy Osbourne and the estate of late disco and R&B vocalist Donna Summer, who demanded the removal of their songs from Vultures. A live version of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" was uncleared for use on Vultures track "Carnival," but has since been removed after protests from Osbourne. Per TMZ, Summer's estate has proceeded with suing West, Ty Dolla Sign, Yeezy Record Label LLC and additional defendants for sampling "I Feel Love" on "Good (Don't Die)."

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