Video Shows Jason Derulo Fighting Two Men After Being Called Usher

Jason Derulo got into a fight on Tuesday in Las Vegas after one man allegedly called him Usher while they were at the Aria hotel. Video captured the incident.

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Jason Derulo got into an altercation in Las Vegas on Tuesday morning when a man was caught on video calling him Usher and cursing at him.

According to TMZ, the incident occurred at the Aria hotel in Vegas when Derulo and his entourage clashed with a group of men after one of them called him fellow R&B singer Usher. “Hey, Usher! Fuck you, bitch,” the man reportedly said. The footage above shows Derulo leaping at the man after he was insulted.

Additional footage posted to Instagram shows Derulo being escorted out of the hotel in handcuffs moments after the fight broke out.

It’s unclear what sparked the altercation between Derulo and the two men, but based on the footage captured leading up to the fight, it looks as though words were exchanged when he was going up the escalator, which made him come back down and that’s when one of the men yelled at him, “Hey Usher, fuck you bitch.”

It’s also unknown at this time if Derulo will have any charges against him. TMZ reports that the two men did not go to the hospital for injuries.

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