Soulja Boy Hands Kids Selling Candy Some Cash Following DaBaby Incident

After DaBaby got backlash for not giving children selling candy more money than what it was worth, Soulja Boy responded by blessing some kids with serious cash.


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DaBaby just got hit with backlash for not giving two children selling candy on the street some more money than they usually make. Soulja Boy appears to have run into kids selling candy as well, and blessed them with a lot of cash.

A video posted by DJ Akademiks shows Soulja giving a kid a decent amount of cash without even buying any candy. It’s hard to tell whether they’re the same kids who DaBaby rejected earlier this week, or how Soulja tracked them down in the first place if so, but since he invented trolling, that possibility isn’t off the table.

Just the day before, DaBaby was getting criticized for paying the exact usual amount for some candy two kids were selling. When explaining himself in a snippet for his Complex News interview, he explained he was trying to make it a learning experience for them.

“Any time I buy something from somebody hustling like that, I buy the whole thing, especially when it’s kids,” DaBaby explained in the interview dropping later this week. “Give them the opportunity to just make it make sense why you want $200 for this. You tell me, ‘Man I usually charge somebody this for the whole box I’m just going to charge you $2 all the way down.’”

He continued, “I would have looked at them and gave them $1,000, but I respect their hustle. I ain’t curse them out, this and that. I gave them knowledge and bought one piece of candy from each of them, then closed the door.”

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