Schoolboy Q Responds to Troll Commenting on Jacob Blake Shooting

Schoolboy Q went back and forth with a troll on Twitter after they brought up Jacob Blake and tried to argue that systematic racism isn't real.

schoolboy q

Image via Getty/Frank Hoensch

schoolboy q

The internet is full of assholes, but today Schoolboy Q decided to not allow a distasteful tweet go without response. In the wake of a police officer shooting Jacob Blake in the back seven times, a right wing troll decided to comment that Blake was a criminal under Schoolboy's tweet.

Schoolboy decided to respond to the tweet, saying that if people weren't allowed second chances he wouldn't be where he is today.

However, since it usually isn't possible to change people's opinions on the internet, the initial tweeter responded again by saying that it's not the fault of the system that someone makes a bad decision, and that systemic racism isn't real. Q then responded to that tweet, explaining how the rhetoric of black-on-black crime is a tool used against the Black community.

Dealing with trolls is no easy task, but Schoolboy Q made it look effortless here. As the nation is still reeling after more senseless violence befell the Black community, why not leave you with another positive message from Schoolboy Q to help you get through the day:

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