Saba Drops Joint Video for New Songs "Ziplock" and “Rich Don’t Stop”

Saba has dropped two new songs, "Ziplock" and "Rich Don't Stop," as well as a music video where he performs both tracks in a medley atop a roof.

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The multi-talented, multi-hyphenate artist Saba has just gifted fans with two new songs, “Ziplock” and “Rich Don’t Stop,” along with a joint music video.

The Ian Lipton-directed visual features Saba performing both tracks atop a roof with different shapes spread across it. “Ziplock” finds him in his more melodic bag, talking about the risks and rewards of fame. The D. Phelps/Coop the Truth-produced song varies from “Rich Don’t Stop,” where Saba bars up and spits over a beat from daedaePIVOT and Daoud. That one centers around how fame can’t remedy the troubles of real life.

Last month Saba penned an essay for Pigeons & Planes where he discussed why he got into music in the first place, how his relationship with it evolved and changed as money came into the picture, and more. He wrote that his goal from penning the piece was to “start an honest conversation around artist development and ownership. While these have always been popular topics, it’s rare to find artists or people in the industry going into detail about them. As an independent artist who has turned the dream into a financially sustainable career, I’m going to share with full transparency the investments I’ve made, the pieces I’ve put in place, and the numbers that made it work.”

Saba’s essay is raw and real, definitely worth a read. You can also watch the joint video for his new songs “Ziplock” and “Rich Don’t Stop” above.

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