Here's Migos' New Video for "Roadrunner"

Atlanta rap trio Migos comes together yet again to deliver a new set of visuals for their song "Roadrunner" off their latest album, 'Culture III.'

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Migos continues to share more music videos from their latest album, Culture IIIthis time giving the visual treatment to their track “Roadrunner.”

The Atlanta rap trio rides a truck through the desert where the shots shift from a scenic view to a nighttime retreat with background dancers supporting their bars with choreography.  

One thing that’s apparent in the “Roadrunner” music video is the group’s extravagant ice that they often wear. In a conversation with Complex, the trio discussed the importance of jewelry in hip-hop and the culture around it. 

“It’s just so important for culture right now,” Offset explained. “A lot of people spend a lot of money on it and we want to give knowledge on what you’re spending your money on. It’s a big part of hip-hop so we’re just breaking it down. We’re the kings of the ice so we’re just putting you on game.”

Quavo added that many of their pieces are inspired by lyrics from their own songs.

“We’ll say a bar, use the title of a song, an ad-lib, and just ice it out,” he said. “If we got a hard ass bar, we can live with it forever by just icing it out. Like Set iced out the 530 house on the Northside where this music came from. It’s all connected to the music, the bars, and the lyrics.”

Count their ice as you watch the new video for “Roadrunner” up top.

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