With Migos’ long-awaited Culture III almost here, the trio sat down for a lengthy 360 With Speedy Morman interview with Complex News host Speedy. The trio discussed their impact on the world of hip-hop, especially in relation to their signature flow, working with DJ Khaled and getting the red carpet treatment, how their relationship with Drake became so strong, and Quavo’s feud with Kendrick Perkins.

Early on in the chat, the trio were asked what they believe they don’t get enough credit for. “Most definitely gotta be the flow,” replied Quavo, referring to Migos’ signature tiplet flow. “And cadence,” added Offset. “From 2013 to now, I don’t care if it’s a pop song or a country song… They’re gonna have that cadence, how we rap,” he continued. “They thought it was mumble, but really they had not heard the cadence… And when you hear new songs now, I don’t care what genre it is, that bounce is in the flow.” 

They also took a moment to talk about Quavo’s hilarious back-and-forth with former NBA star Kendrick Perkins. It all started when Quavo rapped “Get no playin’ time, Kendrick Perkins” on his song “FUCK 12” in 2018. Their feud was reignited this month after the release date for Culture III was revealed, and it culminated in them trading playful shots at each other on an episode of ESPN’s First Take.

“I don’t give a damn about no Kendrick Perkins, man,” said Quavo with a smile. “He’s an analyst. He said his kids love my bars, his kids running around and teasing him. Matter fact, I’m gonna take the kids on a field trip and just leave pops at home. Settle the beef like that.” He made it clear that it’s mostly in jest, however, and that it’s just as “funny” to participate in the beef as it is to watch it all unfold.

At the 18-minute mark of the interview, the three explained how extravagant working with DJ Khaled can be. The three recently appeared on Khaled’s “We Going Crazy” alongside H.E.R., and they indicated that their part on the record came together very quickly. It was mostly a process of getting a phone call from Khaled, flying out to Miami, and then shooting a new music video for the track just over a week later in Jamaica. He would also treat them to some very nice sounding food, and a bar with “everything you could want,” they added.  

Asked what city they think is producing some of the most exciting hip-hop out right now, they had to give props to Atlanta. “Gotta go with the A,” replied Quavo. Despite that, they also wanted to give a lot of love to Detroit and Memphis, and of course, New York. “My wifey from New York, know what I mean?” added Offset with a smile, referring to Cardi B.

They also touched upon their strong bond with Drake, who many have credited as responsible for introducing Migos to the mainstream. “He really a part of the Migos flow,” replied Quavo. As for how many more years they think they’ll be sticking around in the rap game, Quavo remarked, “I’m going Jay-Z slash Snoop Dogg with this shit.” It’s safe to say, Culture III is far from the last we’ll see of Migos.

Watch Migos’ full 360 With Speedy Morman interview above.