Saweetie Links With Gwen Stefani for New "Slow Clap" Song and Video

Vocal heavyweight Gwen Stefani and rap star Saweetie join forces for a remix of the singer's song "Slow Clap" that features an electric new video as well.

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Gwen Stefani has called in the lyrical talents of west coast rapper Saweetie for a new version of  “Slow Clap,” which also comes with an electric, high school-themed music video.

Featuring vibrant colors and equally bright verses, Gwen Stefani proves how elite of a collaborator she is by calling in Saweetie to add a whole new flavor to the song. The Voice judge has made a living off having a great ear for different sounds, and the meshing of her patented pop vocals with Saweetie’s rap rhythms makes for a unique song.

The two superstars shared news of the collaboration on their respective Instagram pages, dropping teasers for the bright visuals.

It’s great to hear Saweetie on a new track, especially following the tumultuous last few weeks that the rapper has had. After a very public break up with her ex-boyfriend Quavo, video footage surfaced from an altercation between the two in an elevator that reportedly happened a year prior.

Following the footage going viral on social media, Saweetie issued a statement clarifying that the incident happened a year ago. The two had since reconciled from that specific disagreement but were still broken up. 

Quavo also released a statement mirroring much of Saweetie’s sentiments. However, regardless of what’s going on in her personal life, Saweetie has always been able to still deliver on the mic.

Listen to Gwen Stefani and Saweetie’s new song “Slow Clap” down below, and watch the new music video up top.


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